About Us

The Baumè Luxury Meat Company is a privately owned Western Australian Company which produces premium quality Wine, Beef and Lamb for the Australian and International marketplace.

Located at Donnybrook in the stunning South West of Western Australia, where rich soils, clean pastures, abundant water supply and a Mediterranean climate provide ideal growing conditions for our world class products.

Our innovative production techniques have created a range of premium wine and ultra-premium quality meat products which are unique in Australia and Internationally. The synergies created by integrating the different aspects of our business have created an exciting direction for our growth.

Baumè Beef and Baumè Lamb are ultra-premium products which rival the very best in the world. They are niche products which are sought after by top chefs and buyers throughout Australasia.

We pride ourselves on quality. From our exemplary vineyard management techniques to our innovative livestock production and animal husbandry, we aim to be the very best in our field.